Welcome to Resotto!

Resotto is a Food discovery and Live Table Ordering mobile application. We help foodies find the best and the most awesome food around. Now ditch the waiters and waiting, Take control with the help of Digital Menu. You can order food in a restaurant from your phone as well as pay directly from your device. Also, you will able to see the description and ingredients of every food item in the menu so you know what exactly are you going to eat. Say goodbye to the old boring menu’s.

Not just that, You can make collection of places you wish to visit and get notified whenever you’re near one. Accomplish the wishlist you create and win the joy of awesome food you wish to try from a long time.

• Food and Restaurant Discovery
• Digital Menu
• Table Reservation
• Live Ordering
• Food Sharing
• Collections
• Quick Payments
• Reviews
• And Much More
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