What to eat while at burger king?

The international food chain have pretty much conquered the market in India too with its affordable yet delicious food. With a range of options in both veg and non-veg menu, Burger King is a on the go choice for everyone every day. Let us decode the Burger King menu today.


1) Crispy Veg and Crispy Chicken
The cheapest burger on the ‘burger king’ menu cannot be thought any less than any other burgers. It is a light on pocket good food idea. The chicken option for the same is also available at burger king for your broke days.
Crispy Veg: Rs.35
Crispy Chicken: Rs.49

2) Veg / Chicken / Mutton Whooper
The burgers like whoopers are larger than usual with big, juicy, grilled patties inside, blended with mayonnaise sauce and veggies are very heavy. It can be a great idea to fill your tummy when you are hungry.
Veg Whooper: Rs. 109
Chicken Whooper: Rs. 119
Mutton Whooper: Rs. 169

3) Chicken Keema Crunch
Keema burger a must try for all the burger lovers. Chicken burgers do not impress me every time but the Chicken Keema is definitely worth your money.
Rs. 59

4) Veg/ Chicken Chilli Cheese
These burgers are spicy to the perfect level and the sauces are delicious. Try it if you like your food more spicy then average.
Veg Chilli Cheese: Rs. 79
Chicken Chilli Cheese: Rs. 99

5) Paneer King
This burger has crispy crunchy patty of paneer and cheese which doubles up its taste and makes it even more delicious.
Rs. 109

6) BK Veggie/ Grill Chicken
The BK veggie and grill chicken tastes average. It is light on pocket but tastes blant.
BK Veggie: Rs.65
BK Grill Chicken: Rs. 75

7) Chicken Tandoor Grill
We Indians love everything out of Tandoor and so Chicken Tandoor grill would not disappoint you. The sauces taste good and the burger is yummy.
Rs. 129

8) The XTRA Long Chicken
Looong, juicy, and crispy! Worth a try!
Rs. 109

9) Shangai Whooper
The new Shanghai Whopper features your choice of patty topped with sliced cheese, crispy fried noodles, kung pao sauce, cheesy jalapeno sauce, sliced red onions, sliced tomatoes and lettuce all sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. Its totally lip-smacking and worth every penny of your money.

Veg: Rs. 159
Chicken: Rs. 169
Mutton: Rs. 219


1) French Fries
What are burgers without fries? The 9 mm fries at burger king are worth every penny of your money. It’s the right amount of crispy and soft, just made to make your taste bud feel better. The fries are available with three different sauces: Cheesy fries, Cheesy Italian Fries and Cheesy Keema fries. I like the Cheesy Italian fries the most and recommend you to try it atleast once.
Cheesy Fries: Rs. 89
Cheesy Italian Fries: Rs. 99
Cheesy Keema Fries: Rs.119

2) Chicken Fries
The very interesting and the very tasty Chicken fries make a visit to Burger King must. It was crispy with and just a little bit of a spicy kick. Personally, I prefer French Fries more.
Rs. 79 for 5 pieces and Rs. 139 for 9 pieces

3) Veggie Strips
Hard-to-resist crunchy strips, popping with sweet corn, green peas, carrots and more. If you are tired of fries and want to explore your vegetarian options more, Veggie strips are a good option.
Rs. 29 for 3 pieces and Rs. 49 for 6 pieces

4) Fiery Rings
Fried to golden perfection, onion rings are a spicy and crispy treat. It is not completely a star on the burger king menu. I have ordered it just once and I am sure it would not be one of my initial choices again.
Rs. 29 for 2 pieces and Rs. 49 for 4 pieces

5) Potato Totes
A major disappointment.


1) Cappuchino
The Burger King Cappuchino is a balanced, mild flavour, and topped with original milk which gives the special Velvet Cappuccino experience. It is a good choice to beat your caffeine cravings.
Rs. 59

2) Latte
Latte at burger king is a perfect match of Coffee blend and milk. It is an average latte but will not disappoint you.
3) Hot Chocolate
It is a blend of the finest cacao from the world, giving it an extra smoothness and natural sweetness that perfectly complements the sweet and savoury menu items.
Rs. 59

4) Shakes (Chocolate/ Mango/ Strawberry)
This creamy, fruity shake is made with velvety vanilla soft serve and the blend of your favourite flavour. It is a definitely a good choice if you want a thick, pulpy, milky drink.
Rs. 79

5) Ice Bolt (Orange/ Raspberry)
The best summer drink. This is completely worth every penny of your money. Frosted ice in amazing Orange/ Raspberry flavours.
Rs. 39

6) Floats
Soft serve Vanilla ice cream with Pepsi / Mirinda.
Rs. 29

Ice Creams

1) Softies (Vanilla/ Choco dip Softie)
2) BK Sundaes (Strawberry/ Chocolate)

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