Chocolates to gift her on Valentine’s day

Chocolates are the best gifts ever. They help you cheer up, you need no particular reason to eat one and they sure add sweetness to your life. This valentine’s day don’t forget to get your girl some of these.

#1 Ferrero Rocher

Little spherical balls filled with nuts and chocolate. The are beautifully packed in golden foils and makes just the perfect gifts. Make your girl go nuts with these nutty bites.

Starting from Rs. 149

best valentine gift

#2 Nestle Alpino

Nestle Alpino is not adorable for just its taste but also the little messages of love on the foil. Isn’t it the perfect gift for valentines.

Starting from Rs.25

best chocolate

#3 Hershey Kisses

The perfect kiss every lips want to experience. The marvellous taste of Hersheys and the cute little shape, all worth it!

Starting from Rs. 900


#4 Silk- Valentine Edition

“Kiss me, close your eyes, just kiss me.”
The special Valentine Silk is something your partner deserves and it would be a sin if you don’t share this special gift of love with her.

Starting from Rs. 60

silk love

#5 Cadbury Bournville

Explore the dark side of your love with the best dark chocolate bar ever- Cadbury Bournville. It is made to relish.

Starting from Rs.45

best chocolate

#6 Silk Oreo

Because Dairy milk and Oreo! Enough said!

Starting from Rs. 170

[caption id="attachment_272" align="alignnone" width="700"]oreo silk Source

#7 Cadbury Temptations

The Classic Cadbury Temptations bar full of dry fruits and truly delightful. Give an edge of sweetness to your relationship with this perfect Valentine chocolate.



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